Monday, May 16, 2016

Peruvian Cuisine

First time I have heard name 'ceviche' was a culinary shows. Preparation of a starter became a big challenge for the participants of the program.  And what was even worse it was one of the dishes often ordered by guests of the television restaurant. There is an educational side of the situation. I searched more information about the dish.

It turned out it was the most famous Peruvian dish.  It is made of raw white fish marinade in a spicy mixture of lime juice, onion and hot peppers. It sounded great.  Thus when I found out I was going to visit Peru to try ceviche became a must.

Not much to say ceviche is delicious dish. Of course, each place has a slightly different way of marinating fish.  But a set of basic ingredients remains the same. First we tried ceviche at one of the chain restaurants Segundo Muelle.  We were advised not to eat a random place as freshness of fish is vital. But, next time we picked up one of local bars in Barranco.  Both places served exceptional ceviche.  And I do regret that I couldn't try everything on short stay.

Some people say Peruvian Cuisine is one of the best in the world.

For those interested to visit one of chain restaurants Segundo Muelle go to website for more details.

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