Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Barranco - Lima

Lima, like any other big city, has a nightlife district where the life starts after dark. Yet, it is worth visiting also during a day to see a completely different "face" of the city.
Barranco - Lima
Barranco – the name of the district began to develop in the late nineteenth century. It quickly became a seaside resort where affluent citizens of Lima spent their weekends and holidays.  You can still enjoy relaxed atmosphere where and life at slower pace.  In the early twentieth century artists and writers began to settle in Barranco.  It gave the district a fleur of “bohemian” style.
Barranco - Lima
Today, there are many cafes, restaurants, bars and discos in Barranco.  It is a paradise for both gourmets and entertainment seekers. But there are also the Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros), the path leading to the sea (Bajada dos Baños), museums, the library and the beautiful houses.  It is fantastic area for a walk.  Bridge of Sighs is a favorite meeting place for lovers so there are plenty of young people over there.
A visit to the Barranco should be a part of any stay in Lima. The historic center is a must see. But the real charm of the city can be found in a place like Barranco.
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