Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Downtown Los Angeles - worth seeing

Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios are the key tourist attractions in Los Angeles.  They visit Kodak Theatre, Rode Drive and stop at one of the beaches and run to see other parts of California.  Nobody bothers to stop downtown Los Angeles and most likely they do not know it exists.
Downtown Los Angeles California

At first sight downtown LA does not seem much different from other American downtowns.  But I think it is worth stopping there for a stroll.  It is definitely a place where history blends with modernity and affluence with poverty.
Let’s start from the beginning - El Pueblo, a place closest to the first settlement. But just a few steps further there is a railway station. Union Station is known as the last of the great railway stations. The building and its interiors have been beautifully restored.  They impress both travelers and visitors.  For full history of the station, visit Amtrak Great American Stations website.

Bradbury Buildking - Los Angeles
Now let’s move to the center.  It had its best times as business, shopping and entertainment center between 1890 and 1930. Today the city is trying to restore the area to its former glory and life is slowly coming back there. Due to the restoration works buildings regain their splendor.  We can admire examples of beautiful architectural decoration of the epoch. For those interested in how interiors looked like stop by Bradbury Building.

Downtown Los AngelesDowntown Los AngelesAlso theaters regain their former function.  They serve as places for performances and movie screenings, instead of warehouses and stores.
If it is just right time for lunch, stop at the Grand Central Market.  The right place for lunch and shopping for fruit and vegetables.

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