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Lublin Old Town

Lublin, offers everything you need for a perfect short break.  It is a rising star and your next must-visit city break destination.  The city is just 2-hour drive away from Warsaw or two and a half hour flight from major European cities.  But it is still little known.

Lublin - Krakowska GateThe list of monuments includes a few dozen points.  They are scattered around all over the city. The most important and outstanding monuments such as the Cathedral,  St. Stanislaus Church and St. Dominican  Convent, the Old Town Hall and the Court Bastion are located in the Old Town area. The Old Town spreads between to city gates: Krakowska Gate and Grodzka Gate.  The second one leads to the Castle Hill, where we find the Castle, the Tower and the Holy Trinity Chapel.  When you are planning your trip make sure to arrange tickets to see stunning frescoes in the Chapel.  They depict both religious and historic scenes.  And one of the Polish-Lithuanian kings is pictured there.  But it is not the only place where you can see frescos.  The frescos with scenes of everyday life were preserved in Fortuna cellar of Lubomirski Palace.  Today the place serves as a museum where multimedia technology is used to tell the story of the city.
the Trinity Chapel - Lublin

There was a Jewish district between Old Town and Castle Hill before the World War II. The Jewish Community and its culture had made part of the city for almost 500 years.  And it presence was so eminent that Lublin used to be described as the Jerusalem of the Polish Kingdom. But during the II World War the Germans completely destroyed the Jewish Quarter.  And its inhabitants were murdered in the fascist’s death camps of Majdanek, Belzec and Sobibor.  There are just a few places associated with Jewish history in Lublin.  But the memory remains strong.

cultural center - LublinLublin is also strong academic and cultural center.  A special event is the Night of Culture, which this year (2016) had its 10th edition. And there is a new facility for concerts, performances and exhibitions.  It is an example of modern architecture.  But the construction has a long history behind.
Once you are there visit Tourist and Culture Information Centre at 1/3 Jezuicka Street.  They will assist you with support and information.  If you wish to contact them beforehand there is and e-mail address:

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