Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three Cultures Square - Mexico City

Do we understand such a place?

Places marked by important and dramatic events often make a part of a regular touristic tour.  The question is if a short visit allows us to understand what importance has such a place to local community.

Three Cultures Square - MexicoPlaza de las Tres Culturas is a tourist must-see in Mexico.  We stayed there for about 15 minutes. The guide explained how contemporary Mexican culture was born from the pre-Columbian and colonial cultures.
The symbol of the first culture was supposed to be the remains of the last Aztec fortress Tlatelolco.  The ruins looked more like something built not long time ago.  The colonial culture was embodied in a church of St. Jacobs (Iglesia de Santiago) built in 15th or early 16th century.  The church was controlled by the Franciscan order which established there Colegio de la Santa Cruz. Modern Mexico is represented by a massive housing complex built in 1964.  And definitely it is not the best examples of local or any other architecture.  The whole setting looked to me a bit like a scenography.

In modern times the place witnessed the massacre of students on October the 2nd in 1968. I believe that the dramatic event is much more important for Mexicans visiting Square.  And it is something what a passing-by tourist cannot perceive.
A little bit more about the place you can find at go mexico site.

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