Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Testing the blogger

I have never thought about blogging.  It is true I love listening and sharing stories.  But writing and publishing them to wide audience did not seem to be my thing.  And one day a friend asked me to help her to handle on-line communication.  I am one of those people behind the scene who try to figure out how to use it effectively.

I was keen on working with her and to make it all real I needed to test a couple of things myself.  One of them was setting a blog and running it. It is how my Polish blog about anything that crossed my mind has been set.  It has been a challenge to pull myself up and every sometime publish a piece of content, but I enjoy it. Yet I needed a second blog to test functionalities and options. 

Now I have decided to convert it into regular blog - a kind of English version of the first blog.  But it is not meant to be a copy, so you can look for interesting pieces at both.  Please do not be surprised with a number of posts for January and February - it is conten which was published at my tumblr profile.
And the last thing - I am not English native thus please excuse all mistakes, typos and cliche's.

Welcome to my Be Bright World!

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