Sunday, January 24, 2016

Galo de Barcelos

Galo de Barcelos
Barcelos looks like many other towns in Portugal. But it is where an unofficial symbol of Portugal – Galo de Barcelos comes from.  Galo de Barcelos in Portuguese means rooster from the town of Barcelos.

As a legend says a pilgrim was accused of murder in Barcelos. He pleaded not to be guilty of what he had been accused, but the court sentenced him to death. The convict was able to get in front of the judge who was just dinning with his friends. The pilgrim pointed to the roasted rooster on the table and said that the bird would crow when he were to be executed. Indeed, when the noose tightened around pilgrim’s neck, the rooster crowed. The judge ran to the gallows although it seemed it was already too late. Luckily it turned out that the pilgrim luckily escaped death.

To commemorate the event the pilgrim funded the statue of St. James and the Virgin Mary which you can still see there.  Figures of galo de Barcelos are very popular in the town and all over Portugal, so it's hard to leave without one. You may buy it just in Barcelos. Other sights of interests are the 15th century fortifications and the 13th century church.

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