Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From São Paulo to Rio

Rio de Janeiro - BrazilRio de Janeiro is a good option for a getaway from huge São Paulo.  The city of beaches and entertainment lures thousands of tourists and it is just a stone throw.

There is an "air bridge" (Ponte area) between the two cities.  The connection is operated by several airlines in about 45-minute intervals each. Aircrafts take off and land at domestic airports Congonhas (São Paulo) and Santos Dumond (Rio de Janeiro).  It makes the trip even easier because both airports are located centrally. Tickets can be purchased at the airport, via Internet, by phone or at a travel agency. If you decide on the latter two then you need an appropriate amount of cash because they will not accept foreign credit cards.  Moreover most of the agencies use a regular online booking service, available to everyone.  It means prices are not much different from what you see on-line.  If you are a holder of a credit card issued outside Brazil the best option may be to buy a ticket at the airport.

It is difficult to predict price, one day it would cost you a penny and the next one it becomes expensive.  And nobody knows what a reason for such a difference is.  And just a few words about luggage.  If you need to take luggage which accesses 20 kg then you’d better have a good excuse or a ticket from Rio onward.  Otherwise you have to pay extra fee.  But they are less strict and somehow negotiable.

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