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Teotihuacán - Mexico

About an hour drive from Mexico City you will find a pre-Columbian city of Teotihuacán. The history of the city dates back to the 1st and 2nd century of our era.  Today it is a World class monument listed as a UNESCO heritage site.  It is something you cannot miss while you are in Mexico City.
Teotihuacan - Mexico CityTeotihuacán is one of the most important archeological sites in Mexico.  And there are many articles on the subject available in all languages.  It is not my intention to copy the information but for your reference I included three links at the end of this post.  So what is it about?  There are just a few practical tips how to organize your visit to get the best of it.
Teotihuacan is located in a valley at the altitude of over 2 000 meters above sea level.  The area is barren with little vegetation.  It means temperatures are pretty high, higher than in Mexico City.  Apparently it is always warm there. Moreover on sunny days there is no shade where you could hide. Guidebooks usually recommend taking something to protect yourself from sun.  A bottle of water is a must.  Follow the recommendation – it is hot over there.

Pyramid of the Sun - MexicoIf you are planning to get there by yourself then most likely you will start the tour from the gate 1 – from the beginning. It is where you buy tickets. Coaches and mini-vans, with organized groups, often pull up at a parking lot close to the Pyramid of the Sun.   It means they start the tour from the square in front of the Pyramid of the Moon which is the end Avenida de los Muertos.  In that case you should walk down the Avenue of the Dead (Avenida de los Muertos) to the gate 1.  There is an archaeological museum and a tourist information center over there. Otherwise you will miss important part of the Teotihuacan.
The best know Mexican pyramids are those from Yucatan Peninsula.  The Pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon differ from Yucatan ones in construction and they are less decorated. There are just a few reliefs and paintings preserved in Teotihuacan. Moreover the guides say that only 30% of the construction of the pyramids is the original.  The rest is a reconstruction.  The city was discovered by accident.  One of the pyramids was almost blown up because the expedition thought it was an element of the landscape. You can see how it may look like at the photos placed next to the Pyramid of the Sun.
Pyramid of the Monn -Mexico

Climbing the pyramids may be a challenge, if you do not practice any sport regularly.  The steps are high and your muscles may be soared the next day. But no doubt it is worth climbing the two pyramids.
Find out more about Teotihuacan at Aztec History, Sacred Destinations and Visit Mexico sites.

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