Monday, February 15, 2016

Panorama Sao Paulo

Edifício Itália

The beginning of the 20th century was the time of great development and changes in Sao Paulo.  It was possible due to the booming export of coffee.  It was the time when such landmarks as the Train Station Luz (1901) Teatro Municipal (1911), Edifício Martinelli (1929), Correio Central (1920), and the Mercado Municipal (1933) were constructed. You will find beautiful examples of local art nouveua style

But the real symbol of the city's modernity in 20th century became Edifício Itália.  It is a 42-storey building constructed in 1965. It was the tallest building in South America for many years.

One of the attractions of the building is a restaurant located at the top. The restaurant itself is rather high-end pricewise and food. However the quality of service is rather low.  Or maybe a team had a bad day. But it is a perfect place to compare how much the city panorama gains after dark simply get there before sunset.

Edificio Italia - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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