Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dancing House


Dancing House is a famous building designed by Frank Gehry.  It is also often called Ginger and Fred. You can find history of the place and the building in “a view on the cities” blog. So there is no reason to copy it over here.

But I have always been curious how the interior look like. And I found during my recent visit to Prague. There is a gift shop at the ground level.  Actually it looked like it was closed down, but I hope it was just impression. At the top level there is a terrace from which you can admire panorama of Prague. Indeed the view is worth a visit to this place. There were tables so I presume you can have a coffee there.
Dancing House panorama

Downstairs there is a restaurant which also serves as a gallery of modern art. I do not know whether it was an occasional exhibition or the paintings and art works are presented there on regular basis. The austere interior helps to focus on the art because there is no other element which would attract attention.  The food was pretty good but nothing exceptional.
Dancing House Prague

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